Application Developer


We are a young and agile software lab focused on the development of distributed and mobile applications. We want to achieve great things together while staying at the forefront of software technology advancement. Let’s not build a wall but make software development great again!

We work on manifold projects, ranging from ERP integrating mobile solutions over consumer web applications to specifically tailored management tools. Our customers range from Industry to Television.

If this excites you and ...

You’re self-driven while achieving your goals.

You thrive in a team, but can do without one for a spell.

You’re agile – not just when programming.

You’re curious and need to solve things properly.

Writing beautiful code makes you happy.

Software means more to you than a “source of income”.

You’ve completed a higher software development focused education or have the respective experience.

You love your automated tests because you know it will allow you to do more; eventually. You smile when your continuous integration system tells you that all tests passed and your application got deployed successfully.

You know some of the following technologies and would like to know them all:

– angular (2 & 1)
– C#.Net/Java
– Node.js
– Mobile Development with hybrid and native Applications
– Docker

You’re fluent in German and/or English.

We offer you in exchange ...

An open structure: We are the peers and abide by our holacratic constitution.

A fair deal: We earn transparently and participate in the quarterly success.

Some adventure: We venture to open-airs, camping sites, poker tournaments and more.

More wisdom: We pursue your nerdy interests. We help you to better your technology.

Lots of aromatic coffee.

Contact us if we’ve sparked your curiosity at with your current CV attached.